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Building Foundation Through Self Love

Updated: Feb 21

Now is the time when we All are being called to dive deep within and investigate what we find inside in order to structure the life we would like to live.

What habits, patterns are outdated and in need of a software upgrade?

Being stuck at home is an excellent opportunity to start align things with our highest path and purpose. To set a steady routine as a building ground of love and success on all planes of our lives.

Most of us find it hard to set a routine due to our everyday stresses and have to's, but the key is once the routine is set, which takes around 21 days (according to several science studies) to become a ''normal'' pattern to our subconscious, once it's set it's automatic.

The importance and benefits of a steady routine is countless.

A consistent morning routine can offer us a time to practice intentional mindfulness and/or prayer, leading to feelings of greater peace as we go through our day. Feeling productive in our day can lead to a more peaceful evening and, in turn, a better night's sleep and a refreshed morning the next day. As you can see this is creating a spiral of positivity into our everyday life.

So let Us dive into eight steps that takes under 30 minutes to align yourself holistically all day, every day:

1. Wake Up ~ Practice Gratitude

Ideally waking up before sunrise enhances our overall health and feeling of wellbeing, it optimizes our hormonal functions, serotonin levels and make us more connected to the cycles of our body, Earth and Cosmos. A simple epression of gratitude in the morning can set the tone for the whole day.

2. Hydrate! & Oral Hygien (3min)

When we sleep we are loosing approximately one deciliter of fluids,

Our body gets rid of the most toxins during sleep and we need to support the process by flushing our temple with clean water the first thing in the morning.

Purity of our temple connects us with the divine within, incorporating a steady oral hygiene routine with the ayurvedic element of toungscraping . Toungscraping gets rid of excess mucuos and bacteria (white) on the toung, it keeps us clear and pure both health and energy-wise, a great way to start the day.

3. Facial Nuorishment

Before going to bed is when we should be cleaning our skin deeply, since we should not be cleansing in the morning only wash gently with cold water to wake us up and thighten pores.

In the morning the skin is yearning for moisture and nutrients and should be provided with only the finest natural organic oils and floral waters.

4. Dry Brush & Body Oil

Garshana or Drybrushing is an ancient ayurvedic technique to refresh and exfoliate the skin, it promotes circulationand aids the drainage of the lymph, for optimal fluid circulation and bodily nourishment.

Using a dry brush or a soft sponge, brush the skin gently, use long strokes on your limbs and circular motion on belly and joints towards the heart.

Drybrushing eliminates toxins, dead skin cells and enhances the uptake of skin products, gets the fluids flowing and your skin glowing!

5. Energy in Motion

Move your temple!

Gentle movments in the morning enchances digestion, cirkulation and wakes up the whole system.

Yoga, Stretching and/or Brief workouts or a walk can boost mood and energy for the whole day and improve the nights sleep!

6. Peace of Mind

Meditation and/ or breathwork is excellent to indulge in your morning routine.

Increases energy focuses the mind and will make you blissed out of your brain the whole day, making you take on the days tasks with ease.

7. Flush Toxins & Activate Metabolism

Drink warm water w keylime alkalises body activates metabolism

Add extra herbs and roots for deep healing and nourishment.

8. Nourish Thy Temple

Break the fast of a nights sleep and nourish with fresh fruit, berries and herbs.

The body takes up the most benefits of fruits on an emty stomach in the morning.

Electrolytes wich is abundant in fruit and coconut water wakes up body more than coffee.

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